Gerard Tanja

Gerard has worked in the legal industry for more than 30 years. He has also been visiting professor at Leyden University focusing on Law Firms Management Challenges and has acted as a lawyer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and United Nations for over 10 years. After having finalised his MBA at the University of California, he joined McKinsey - a leading global strategy consulting firm - to specialise in human capital development, business strategy and performance management of law firms.

After McKinsey, Gerard joined Clifford Chance to lead the “People & Client integration” initiative when the firm decided to merge with Puender and Rogers & Wells. At Clifford Chance Gerard was a member of the World Firm Management team and in charge of the transformation of the global know how and talent management functions as well as of partner development and profit sharing system.

Gerard established his own strategy consulting firm in 2005. The firm is now operating across Europe under the name of Venturis Consulting Group. Gerard has been assisting clients to create competitive legal businesses in continental Europe and, in particular, in Italy, the Benelux, Scandinavia and the CEE area. He has been involved in several market entries of Anglo-American firms, (inter)national mergers and law firm expansion/restructuring projects of independent national firms. His clients are mainly large European, national firms and/or Anglo-American firms with local offices in Europe.

In Italy: Gerard is working with some of the largest Italian independent full service firms as well as some of the boutique firms in the areas of strategic positioning, restructurings, mergers, governance models and profit management.

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